SNSD Joins Twitter, Reveals Details on Shooting "The Boys" Video

SNSD has joined the Twittersphere! In the past weekend, SNSD’s official Twitter account (@girlsgeneration) has gone live. The Girls’ first tweet concerns the revelation of some behind-the-scenes happenings on the set of their “The Boys” music video during an interview with MTV.

“The pigeon pooped on Sunny’s collar,” Jessica spilled. “She didn’t actually know until I asked: ‘What is that?’”

“The sets portray air, sand and roses,” Tiffany added. “It turned so well, and we were all pleased. It was hard to keep our eyes open during the rose petal scenes because they used the same rose petals over and over and there was a lot of dust.”

When it was only their silhouette shots, Tiffany further revealed that they would laugh and make faces because the camera could not capture them.

The first part of SNSD’s interview with MTV aired last week. Check out, too, Soompi’s coverage of the “SMTown Live in New York” press conference and the exclusive video interview with the Girls.

Video credit: SNSD9Always7 @ YT