Jay Park is planning to put on a special performance, where he will be reviving the hit songs of past dance performers.

Jay Park will be putting on the congratulatory performance at the “2011 Style Icon Awards” on November 3. He will be performing to Kim Sung Jae’s “If I Were to Say,” Yoo Seung Jun’s “Passion,” and CLON’s “Come Back,” three songs that shook the music industry in the 90’s. Jay Park plans to revive the dances exactly the way they were in the past, with a slight twist of interpretation according to his personal style.

Jay Park will also be putting on a performance with a surprise guest. He will be revealing his new song, “Girlfriend” for the first time on broadcast as well.

Despite his busy schedule due to the release of this new album, it is said that Jay Park is passionately preparing for his special stage. He stated, “I’m nervous about performing at a ceremony that is as large-scale and stylish as this one. I don’t want to put on a naïve performance consisting of the songs of legendary dance singers, but I want to add my own colors and go on stage with a powerful performance.”

The “Style Icon Awards” is a ceremony that recognizes the celebrities who have initiated new fashion paradigms in their daily lives. This year will be the fourth time that it is being held.