Super Junior Shindong Starts Dieting Again

Super Junior member Shindong has declared that he will start dieting again.

On October 31, Shindong wrote on his personal me2day account, “From November 1, I will be starting my new goal! I will start my diet again. Let’s do it together everyone! Anyone who wants to join, come do it with me! Let’s go! Start!” Shindong also posted a photo of himself along with the comment. 

In the photo Shindong was wearing large framed glasses, while showing a mischievous smile. And now that he has revealed that he will start to diet again, fans will be anticipating to see how he will change in the future. 

Netizens who came across this news showed various responses, “Shindong, I’ll diet with you!”, “You’ve already lost a lot of weight, if you diet more you’re going to become more handsome!”, “Did you decide this when you were in a New York subway station? Fighting!”

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