Marie Claire Releases More Pictures of JYJ Jaejoong’s Home

JYJ’s Jaejoong recently revealed the new home he moved into through lifestyle magazine, “Maison.”

“Maison” emphasized that Jaejoong not only personally introduced his home, which was designed as a sensible place that fits Jaejoong’s personality well, but also his daily lifestyle.

Every room in Jaejoong’s home was carefully designed using the concepts such as “a loft house in New York” and “a house like a tourist attraction.” Therefore, each room radiates its own individual atmosphere and mannish style, creating a place designed as charming as the owner. 

The professional interior designer who was in charge of overseeing the project said, “Jaejoong was a homeowner I was able to easily connect and converse with because he was a great listener whenever we talked about the design. The ideas and keen sense he has when it comes to interior design was so great that it was a joy working with him.”

During his interview with “Maison,” Jaejoong talked not only about the interior design of his home, but also shared that he would probably enjoy reading in the living room and cooking in his modern kitchen, revealing a part of his daily lifestyle and how happy he is with his new home.

Check out the pictures below!

  1. This is the guest room that is set up for Jaejoong’s family and friends who may visit.
  2. Honeycomb blinds and curtains were put onto the many windows in Jaejoong’s home. The mild color of the blinds make the home brighter, while the dark color of the curtains give the home a safe feeling.
  3. The entrance of the home leads to this hallway. On the left are the bedroom, kitchen and living room, while the guest room and smaller living room are on the right.
  4. This mirror gives off a neo-classic vibe that fits right along with the rest of the home.

  1. Using dark colors as the main colors for the bedroom and adding the blue touches into the room creates a manly bedroom.
  2. Jaejoong enjoys bringing home comic books and reading them whenever he has free time.
  3. Some things that belong to Jaejoong that have been laid out in his bedroom.
  4. The walk-in closet and dressing room that holds Jaejoongs many clothes and other things.

  1. One of Jaejoong’s hobbies is cooking. 
  2. The kitchen that has a chic feel to it.
  3. Thanks to this new studio, Jaejoong is able to write new music at home.
  4. A colorful addition to the studio so that it does not look boring.

  1. One of the best parts about Jaejoong’s new home is that despite it being an apartment, it has a large terrace.

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