SNSD’s Picture Graces the Background of the Yale University School of Art’s Website

Recently, the Yale University School of Art’s website caught the media’s attention for having a picture of SNSD as its background.

The picture that was used is one that was released in 2009 to promote their hit single, “Gee.” In this picture, all nine members are standing with their knees up and bent in the shape of a “V.”

It has been noted that this website is a Wiki. Therefore, all Yale University School of Art graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni contribute to the site by changing nearly anything on the site or adding new content.

The person who is responsible for changing the background of the website to SNSD’s picture is a Yale University graduate student who is studying to get his Masters Degree in photography. Although it is hard to say whether or not this person is a fan of SNSD or K-pop, it is clear that there was definitely something about this picture that he liked. 

This development shows how far K-pop has come over the years. Hallyu is gaining more and more exposure around the world. As people like this graduate student do simple things like changing the background of a prestigious university’s website to a K-pop group, more people will get curious, resulting in Hallyu constantly being pushed forward.