Dazzling Guest List for Wheesung’s Last Concert Before Military Service

There is an awesome list of guests for Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo’s concert “Two Man Show.” This concert will be Wheesung’s last one before he enters his military service. The guests are BEAST, Noel, Mighty Mouth, and Ailee. The concert will be held on November 5-6.

BEAST will appear for the November 5 concert while Noel will appear on the November 6 concert. Mighty Mouth will perform “I Love U Oh Thank U” and “Tok Tok” with Kim Tae Woo. Wheesung will sing “My Boo” with Ailee.

Kim Tae Woo stated, “I am really thankful for my colleagues and juniors that have agreed on being guests despite having busy schedules. I will try to show my thankfulness through giving my best performance for the fans.”

The concert “Two Man Show,” was very successful in August and this November “encore concert” is anticipated to be successful as well.

Meanwhile, Wheesung will begin his military service on November 7.

For those of you who don’t know the song here is a clip of a live version of “I Love U Oh Thank U” featuring Kim Tae Woo: