Han Chae Young is Asia’s Most Popular Actress in China Awards

Han Chae Young is Asia’s most popular actress in the “2011 Asia Teen Popular Star Awards” held in China. According to reports from local news agencies, the actress’ management agency has released a statement announcing her receipt of the award.

Apart from the honor that Han Chae Young received, she was also recognized as “2011’s Most Stylish Actress” at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards held on the past weekend.

The Asia Teen Popular Star Awards of China is organized by the Chinese broadcasting company CETV. Han Chae Young’s recognition puts her in the same league of CETV honorees as Kim Sun Ah, who was recently named into the “Top 10 Hottest Asia” at the CETV Awards.

Han Chae Young will be promoting her Chinese film, “Big Deal,” scheduled to premiere at the end of the year.