Kim Ha Neul’s Angelic Picture for Lacoste

Actress Kim Ha Neul has transformed herself into a “pure woman” for her editorial pictures for the global brand Lacoste.

In the picture, the actress is lying in a white bed, covered in white sheets, while wearing a pure white Lacoste button-up blouse. The all-white surroundings contrast very well with her dark brown hair.

Stunned netizens praised her radiant beauty and commented, “You are a white angel. Snow White is nothing compared to you” “The all-white surroundings suit you well” and “You are wearing a white shirt, which is every man’s dream.”

In the meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul is busy with the preparations of her upcoming movie “You Are My Pet”, in which she stars together with Jang Geun Suk. The movie is planned to be released on November 10.