Will Busker Busker Keep Their Promise to Strip Dance?

The trio group Busker Busker is in trouble after promising to strip dance in the street of Hongdae, a popular area in Seoul.

Before starting the Mnet “Superstar K3” Top 11 episode, during the shooting for the Bean Pole advertisement, it was asked to every team “What would you do if you make the ‘Top 3’ finalists?”

Two Months answered, “We would like to perform in a subway station.” Ooh La La Session said, “We will organize a flashmob with our fans.” But Busker Busker’s answer was more shocking. They promised, “We will strip dance in Hongdae. But, TV permitting!”

On October 28, the group entered in the Top 3 of this “Superstar K” season and they will have to face the consequences of their promise with a mission in order to not upset their fans. In fact, netizens commented “So! Where exactly in Hongdae?” or “All three members will keep the promise, won’t they?”

On Nov. 4 the semifinal will be played live for the “Superstar K3.”