[Preview] SBS "Strong Heart" - Nov. 1 Episode

54th Talk National Team Selection Strong Heart Part Two – 100th Episode Special

  • Explosive wit and explosively handsome as well, Strong Heart’s lucky guy, Kim Hyun Joong
  • The Tuesday night dancing queen, the cute lady, Yoon Se Ah
  • Her wit has once again won over Strong Heart, Korea’s No 1 Model, Song Kyung Ah
  • Her wit ensures that you constantly concentrate on her, the actress that is full of passion, Kim Ji Sook
  • The happy tall man that sings about love, Kim Jang Hoon
  • The shouts from the highly charismatic girls, she has returned as a fierce femme fattale, SNSD’s Jessica
  • The original cute girl has returned as a seasoned vocalist, the girl that is always playful, CSJH’s Dana
  • They are the rising stars of hip hop that wishes people good luck, the devils of the variety show world, Clover’s Eun Ji Won, Gilme
  • The blue chip of variety shows that could not possible have been excluded from the 100th episode special of Strong Heart, Kwang Hee.
  • He has over a million catchphrases that make people laugh, he really is the trendsetter in recent days, Go Young Wook.
  • And the talk snipers that hold up Strong Heart! BoomKim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Juri, Jo Jung Rin, Teuk Academy (Lee Teuk, Eun HyukShin Dong


▶ Round 3, Kim Ji Sook Vs Jessica

Jessica, “The mysterious guy that I met in front of our house”

They have transformed from cute, sweet girls into sexy ladies. She is forever the dream girl of every guy around, SNSD’s Jessica.
Jessica, she nearly got kidnapped in front of SNSD’s house? The girls are in danger, who was the guy that she could never forget about? Jessica and Dana’s kidnapping incident that is scary to listen to, the details of their dangerous day will be revealed.

▶Round 4, Yoon Se Ah Vs Kwang Hee

Yoon Se Ah, “My grandmother’s portable toilet that made me laugh and cry”
She may look elegant and graceful but she is also a super dancer, the lady that absolutely thrives on variety shows, Yoon Se Ah! Yoon Se Ah, when she was young and immature, cried and laughed because of her grandmother’s portable toilet? She was extremely peevish during her puberty years and so now she

Kwang Hee, “The mistake I made towards a stewardess that I cannot forget”
Kwang Hee
has appeared the most amounts of times on Strong Heart and he has prepared an extremely funny talk present! I can now go in Gold Class Seating on airplanes. Kwang Hee is a superstar amongst stewardesses? The funniest stewardess in the air as described by Kwang Hee will be revealed on Strong Heart.

▶ Round 5 – Dana Vs Gilme

Dana, “The man that I love is the greatest Hallyu Star”
She used to be a vocal trainer and can imitate the voices of several tens of people. The highly talented Dana! Dana, the man she loved since she was young is a Hallyu Star? She also had a dinner arranged with this guy? Dana’s unbelievable secret crush and Dana’s shocking confession that made Boom and Lee Teuk leave the recording studio, all of this will be revealed on Strong Heart. 

Gilme, “Being a part of Clover was my fate”
Has a charming voice and is full of wit. The Hip Hop femme fattale, Gilme. Clover’s talented vocalist Gilme, there is a shocking story as to why she became a singer? What was the story behind the mixed trio group that turned Gilme into a singer? She guides the people in the recording studio into the exciting world of Hip Hop by performing a new version of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.”

▶ Round 6, Kim Hyung Joong VS Kim Ji Sook

Kim Hyung Joon, “Another Attempt, the scary drinking party!”
He has a charming smile and makes bizarre comments as well, the handsome guy’s talk gift set. Kim Hyung Joong. He is the most passionate competitor on the 100th episode special for Strong Heart. He hates losing and thus he makes another attempt at getting the Strong Heart prize! The reason that Kim Hyung Joon was able to get close with the people in his new agency was because of a scary dinner party? This is not a joke; Hyung Joong personally reveals the truth behind the shocking drinking party. 

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