SM Entertainment Responds to SNSD’s "Tired Look" During MTV Interview

SM Entertainment released a statement in response to the concerns raised on the health of SNSD, in particular Taeyeon and YoonA, during their recent MTV interview. SNSD was in the news a lot lately, not only for their recent success but because netizens have noticed that the girls looked extremely tired, especially during their MTV interview.

According to reports from local news agencies, SM explained the circumstances while the interview was going on. “The host was talking while SNSD was watching the music video that was playing on the monitor. The monitor was low, so Taeyeon naturally propped her chin on her hand to watch. We hope there will be no more misunderstandings.”

SM further said, “Taeyeon and YoonA, and all the members were not in very good conditions that day. But they went to appear on MTV and their fan meeting afterwards on their own decision and they all did their best to successfully complete their schedules.”

SNSD is still currently promoting the comeback track “The Boys,” both in Korea and overseas. Hopefully, this will put an end to their “tired look” controversy!