Kim Min Hee Shows Off Her Sophisticated Fashion in Photoshoot for 1st Look

Actress and model Kim Min Hee has once again showed off her sophisticated fashion sense through a series of fashion cuts.

In a recent photoshoot for fashion magazine 1st Look, Kim Min Hee modeled a number of different outfits with a “mix-matched” style. At times, she paired items that looked like they would never go together. With this new style, she broke conventional fashion and created something new and unique.

The result is a fashion revolution. In the one of the shots, she models a tomboy leather jacket with a white fur collar. Instead of pairing it with jeans, she opted for a long beige maxi skirt. With a subtle smokey eye and natural hairstyle, she looked stunning in the unusual combination.

With one hand on the wall and another on her hips, she gave a confident pose. Her signature model face was perfectly arranged, radiating charisma from every angle.

One staff member from the site said, “With her sophisticated pose and dressy look, Kim Min Hee was able to pull off this shoot perfectly. I can see why she is seen as a style icon.”

Which one of these looks is your favorite?