Lee Young Ae Poses for Elle Magazine

Lee Young Ae recently posed for the fashion magazine Elle. With fanciful dresses and provocative red lips, she pulled off the sexy look flawlessly. She looks at ease in the photos, fluidly changing poses from one shot to the next.

The petal like texture of the red halter dress is reminiscent of a rose, which perfectly fits the concept of the photo shoot because roses are a symbol of passion and romance. The see through material in the black dress is sophisticated and sexy at the same time, giving her an elegant, high class image. Her hair, which is pulled back in a voluminous  wavy back-do, adds dimension and shine. The long waves are similar to those of the Hollywood glam actresses. And those lips! They catch the eye right away. Since the rest of her makeup is kept soft and natural, her lips are able to stand out as the main focal point. Another thing that also catches your attention is the color of her nails. The dark color adds a chic touch, and when contrasted with the pale color of her skin, adds a mysterious element to her.

But it’s not the clothes or the hair that make this photo shoot stand out. An expert in the art of modeling, Lee Young Ae posed effortlessly, radiating beauty from every angle. Her strong gaze and poised lips captivate viewers.

Currently, this recent mother of twins is active through her CF’s and fashion shoots. Can you believe she had twins just last February? Who would say that she’s a mother?