Yoo Ah In: "I Haven't Dated Another Celebrity Since I was 20 years old"

On the November 2 broadcast of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Yoo Ah In revealed that he never dated another celebrity after the age of 20 (Korean age). He debuted at age of 18 through the youth series, “Sharp 1.”

On the type of women he has dated, Yoo Ah In described, “A past girlfriend used to go back and forth from being uptight and being relaxed. I felt a certain charm in that and wanted her more.”

Yoo Ah In also stated that in the future, he would like to be in a relationship in which he can give his whole heart to.

Yoo Ah In also revealed in this interview the fact that he carries around three cellphones. On one phone he has 300 contacts stored. The second one has 20 contacts. The third has his closest friends stored and is never off.

Yoo Ah In also carries around a lighter engraved with the words “From —‘s Best Friend, Prince Uhm Hong Shik.” “Uhm Hong Shik” is Yoo Ah In’s real name and the lighter was created for his best friend’s birthday. Yoo Ah In wanted to give something more meaningful and he thought it would be funny. He ordered a thousand of these lighters last year and still has a ton left at home.

Viewers also got a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s national ID card picture. The picture was taken when he was around 17 and 18 years old. In contrast to his current tough image, the photo shows a cuter and younger side of Yoo Ah In.

In related news, Yoo Ah In’s newest movie, “Punch,” is a box office hit with 1,753,047 viewers recorded between October 20 and November 1.

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