Daesung: "Started to Understand Why Celebs Commit Suicide"

In a recent interview, Big Bang’s Daesung opened up about his feelings for the first time since being involved in a car accident last May. He held an interview session with his church, Pyung Gang Jaeil, on October 2, which was posted on the church’s website as well.

“It was extremely painful for me after the accident. I almost thought, ‘If I didn’t have faith in God, I might have done a lot of bad things.’ After the toughest three, four days of my life, I met the head pastor of my church. He encouraged and relieved me, and after that, I felt much at peace of mind. Since then, the only place that made me feel truly comfortable was the church,” Daesung said.

He continued, “A lot of celebrities have been committing suicide lately, and I started to understand why. This is why celebrities commit suicide, I thought to myself. Not that I thought about hanging myself, but I did feel like I could have made the decision to do so.”

In particular, he said, “Back then, every single comment on the Web felt like it was drilling my heart. The toughest thing was being called a ‘murderer.’ For a while, it felt like people viewed me as a ‘murderer.’”

“Anyways, it was my mistake, and I felt so bad for the victim, so I just kept praying. I would just start praying and say, ‘I’m sorry,’ but wouldn’t say a single word after that. For 20 minutes, I would just repeat ‘sorry’ and continue to cry. I was really feeling a lot of pressure. But I was involved in the accident and I brought tears to their family so it felt like I obviously had to visit the victim’s funeral. I couldn’t even look at their faces, but they were the one’s who actually comforted me,” he added.

“Back then, I was just so out of it, but after some time, everything kind of settled down. During that time, I focused on the habitat community work and was able to reaffirm my faith in God. During the habitat work, the thoughts of the accident didn’t come to mind at all. The thought of, ‘If I work this hard, I’m sure God will like it. He will lead me to the right way,’ encouraged me to move on every day,” Daesung said.

He also mentioned G-Dragon in the interview. “Because I almost lived at church, G-Dragon told my manager that he wanted to come visit me one day. All Big Bang members are close friends, but G-Dragon is the leader and always tries to take care of me.”

Reflecting his quick recovery, Daesung is slowly preparing for his comeback. First, he will have his comeback stage at the YG Family Concert in December, and his upcoming drama “What’s Up,” which was filmed before the accident, is also scheduled to air in December. We will keep you updated on Daesung, so please continue to show him support!

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