Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim’s Teaser Picture Is Photoshopped?

Wonder Girls‘ teaser pictures are harboring doubt from the netizens over the use of Photoshop. 

The Wonder Girls have released a series of teaser photos for their second album comeback. Apparently, there is evidence that Hye Lim’s picture has been photoshopped. 

Recently, Hye Lim’s picture, along with a netizen’s observation, was posted on an online community site. In Hye Lim’s picture, the shadow of her stomach is conspicuously different than her actual stomach line. While her stomach is flat and smooth, the shadow of her stomach is bumpy. 

Netizens have commented, “It’s amazing that people even notice this,” “It is a little different but there’s not that much of a difference,” “It may be the angle of the camera or the lighting,” “That’s just a cute potbelly, cute~” “It’s really different?” and more.

Wonder Girls have recently released their second teaser video, which has highly increased the anticipation for their comeback.