T-ara’s Soyeon Dubbed "Bagshionista"

Girl group T-ara member Soyeon has been dubbed “Bagshionista” for her inexplicable love for bags.

The singer recently spoke about the issue on Mnet’s “Beatles Code.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin and Yoo Sae Yoon brought up the subject, “You have a nickname, ‘Bagshionista of Idols.’ Also you are known for your unexplainable love for bags.” Soyeon replied, “I am in the age to like bags. I think I should buy them when I can” and stirred up laughter in the studio.

When questioned, “Do you even have time to carry them around?” Soyeon showed off her cute charm by saying, “I carry them everywhere, anywhere.”

When fellow member Jiyeon was asked the same question she shyly replied, “I am not interested yet. But I really like sneakers. Since I wear high heels on stage a lot, I wear sneakers when I am not on stage.”

Hwayoung also had Soyeon embarrassed by answering, “I collect pretty headsets.”