Nichkhun Tweets 2PM Fan Art

Who loves 2PM caricatures? You have come to the right place!

2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted he and his fellow band members in full cartoon format via Twitter on November 4. The boy band, who is currently busy with their Japanese schedule, is seen “on a rescue mission” in the photo below.

“This is so cute. 2PM is on a rescue mission. Put Your Hands Up,’ if you need help,” stated Nichkhun.

Fans responded to the fan art with messages like: “This is so cute”, “My hands are up, both of them… Save me”, and “You have made the fan who drew this very happy… she is a lucky girl.”

Do you think they resemble the original?

Recently, 2PM released their “Ultra Lover” single in Japan. This song was the follow-up to their “I’m Your Man” track in the country. The beastly are scheduled to debut their full-length Japanese album on November 30.