KBS Releases New iPad Application for K-Pop Fans

KBS Media has released a new iPad application for K-Pop lovers around the world! The application, named “Touch Tab,” provides three types of puzzle games with images of K-Pop celebrities in the background. The background image also has screenshots of Korean TV shows and movies, giving users a chance to enjoy Korean pop culture in various ways. The application is available both in English and Japanese.

“We saw a shortage of applications for iPads and tablet PCs, especially for the female audience in their 20s and 30s. Also, as the demand for Korean drama jumped exponentially, we wanted to produce an application where users could actively interact with it,” KBS Media said in a statement.

The “Touch Tab” application also comes with a feature where new products can be introduced and promoted. After the user solves the puzzle, if the image is a certain product, it could automatically link the user to the product’s website or online market for direct purchases. KBS said they are also working on a new feature where users can directly submit their own pictures.

This service is free and only available to iPad users. KBS Media is currently working on its Android version.