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Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : Dancing with her mother in law.

The couple bought medicinal items and went for a session of couple yoga so that they can become a healthy couple. They decide to take their personally made medicinal tea to each of their parents but Jang Woo proposes that they immediately go and give it to their mothers today. What is Eun Jung’s response to this? While at it, they decide to invite her mother-in-law to their house and serve her a meal. What will lunch menu be that the couple thought would be perfectly matched to her mother-in-law?

Woo-Jung couple makes a sudden appearance at the aerobic school that Jang Woo’s mother attends. Will Eun Jung be able to find her step mother amongst the crowd of ladies? What will the dance session with mother in law and daughter in law at the aerobic school be like?


Won Joon♡So Hyun : How the So-Won Couple live a young life

Last week, when they were having their house warming party with friends, So Hyun’s true feelings about marriage were revealed due to the lie detector, what were her feelings? A few days later So-Won Couple is taking a much needed break. So Hyun, who is one of the youngest looking celebrities of her age, has prepared a perfect “Meal for looking young.” What is this meal like and what was So Hyun doing that caused hearts to fly out of Won Joon’s eyes?

The young looking couple Won Joon and So Hyun have skins that seem to not age. Won Joon reveals his face with no makeup and the couple also reveals their method for looking young. So Hyun also prepares a special massage to protect Won Joon’s skin from seasonal changes. The couples’ ways of keeping young will all be revealed.


Lee Teuk♡Sora: The king of helping his wife

Husband Teuk decides to visit Wife Sora’s drama recording set. He calls around to his friends and gets a list of special methods of helping his wife, what is this list about? Lee Teuk prepares a special and secret present for the staff at the drama recording set however even before he gets a chance to meet Sora, he gets chased away from the recording set, why was he chased away?

With great difficulty, Lee Teuk and Sora meet up at the recording studio for the first time since their first meeting. Meanwhile Husband Teuk meets the actor that acts with Sora during the drama and begins to have a subtle war of nerves with him. What is the shocking comment by the actor that puts Husband Teuk into a bad mood? And also Husband Teuk asks the director if he can make a cameo appearance in the drama, will Husband Teuk be able to make a cameo appearance in Sora’s drama?

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