Rookie Vocal Group BoM Prepares for Comeback

Four member rookie vocal group BoM made their debut earlier this year with crisp white suits and a fresh ballad style that had fans swooning all summer long. After a brief hiatus of a few months, the group has revealed that they will be making their return this month with a new mini-album and a new member in tow.

“We decided to change the members because vocalist Raewon had to leave the group for personal reasons. A new member named Jisoo has joined to take his place. This decision was made during their album production because he revealed that he wanted to study a bit more. We accepted his decision,” officials of BoM’s agency revealed on November 4.

Their new title track, “Heart Heart,” was composed by a group of rookie composers that studied overseas named 2n2. The medium-tempo song was chosen from a survey they held with teens, asking them to choose a title track between five songs they had recorded.

“They’ve been working day in and day out for this album to show everything they couldn’t show in their first single album. The five tracks are all worthy of being title tracks. Their title track is a ballad but there is some dancing involved, so I think you can all look forward to it.”

“Heart Heart” will be released on digital music sites beginning November 11.

Check out their previous single, “Without You“.