Goo Hara’s 21-inch Waistline Exposed Through "High Cut" Magazine

Goo Hara exposed her 21-inch thin waist and straight collarbone line.

The member from girl group Kara revealed her slender silhouette through a star style magazine “High Cut” photo shoot on November 3.

Goo Hara showed off a dreamy yet feminine charm with her pure, doll-like face and slim waistline. It was enough to have male fans go wild with her collar line showing through the off-the-shoulder knit sweater.

For this photo shoot, lifestyle brand Tory Burch’s apparel was displayed. Goo Hara portrayed her soft and feminine side with a one-piece dress, skirt, denim pants, and other uniquely styled looks. She not only received sighs from male staff members but the female staff as well when she wore a short skirt that emphasized her leg lines and tiny ankles.

Kara is garnering a lot of love with their song “Step” on various online music sites and even received first place on Japan and Taiwan’s cell phone ringtone sites. This girl group is truly representing Hallyu around the globe.