SNSD Deals with Another Technical Problem on MBC "Music Core"

SNSD faced another minor technical difficulty during their live performance. The members of SNSD were the last artists to perform on the recent episode of MBC’s “Music Core,” which aired on November 5. The girls sang their new hit single from their recent third album “The Boys.” However, at the beginning of their performance, there was a small technical flaw.

Jessica had to say “T.R.X,” which stands for Teddy Riley Experience. You can see her lips moving, but there was no sound. Luckily, the rest of their performance went along smoothly.

After seeing it live, netizens commented, “How many times have we seen this happen to SNSD?” “The sound is controlled by the staff, so mistakes happen, but why does it always happen to SNSD?” and “But they still managed to finish their performance with professionalism.”

On October 15, they experienced another technical difficulty during their performance of “Run Devil Run” on the eighth “Asia Song Festival.