Prominent fashionistas of the celebrity world, Baek Ji Young and Yuri (member of pop group, Cool) released a stylebook called “Making Style 365.” They threw a book launch and a fan signing event on November 5 at a bookstore in Youngdeung-po’s Time Square.

“Making Style 365” consists of pictures, fashion tips, and know-hows from Baek Ji Young and Yuri’s 10 years of entertainment history. Yuri, who is known for her long-time, outstanding fashion sense and Baek Ji Young, who started her career as one of the worst dressers and climbed her way up to become a top fashion expert, both contributed their fashion inputs and advice, making it easy for anyone to become a fashionista. 

The stylebook also reveals the modern and luxurious interior design of Baek Ji Young’s home. In addition to style tips, “Making Style 365” contains their fashion anecdotes, and beauty and lifestyle tips.

The publishers of the stylebook say, “The two celebrities, who have so much interest in fashion that they opened a shopping mall together, put in their personal experiences and detailed thoughts into this book. The content is not difficult so it will appeal to anyone and anyone can follow along with the fashions, which is why so much attention is being given to this stylebook.”

A particular chapter that is gathering interest to females is “How to Dress for a Special Day.” Dates, parties, vacations, weddings, rainy days at the airport – these are some of the other chapters that include tips and know-hows on how to dress.

As they are the authors of a stylebook, the crowds had an eye of a hawk for both Baek Ji Young and Yuri’s fashions on this day.