SISTAR’s Soyu Reveals Her "Butt Beauty"

SISTAR member Soyu received recognition for being the “butt beauty” on SBS “Good Sunday – Victory.”

The program focused on having the contestants lose weight to create the perfect backline for the well-known “Hollywood backline” photo sessions that female celebrities take. Other popular exercises were the “Belly Fat Escape” and “Making an Apple-shaped Butt.”

A past Miss Korea participant Lee Hye Jung led the exercise. “Apple butts” are made through constant lower body workouts using elastics, which results in an S-line butt and sturdy thighs—the key to a beautiful body.

When the subject of “Apple butt” was revealed, Soyu surprised everybody as she said, “My butt is pretty; my trainer said so.”

The singer continued showing off her “butt beauty” by doing a model walk, then she danced to their SISTAR song, “So Cool.”