SISTAR Reveals Sexy Photos for "High Cut"

SISTAR appeared in the star style magazine, “High Cut,” on November 3, showing off their padded jackets and curvaceous silhouettes in a photo shoot titled, “Almost Bottomless.”

They gave off a sexy vibe by sporting booty shorts that emphasized their long legs, killer heels and a slight exposure of skin on their upper bodies. Their smoky eyeliner and natural, messy hairstyles heightened their sexiness. 

SISTAR carried on this photo shoot by wearing clothes from the fashion brand, Puma. They showed off each of their glamorous charms by wearing a variety of padded jackets and jumpers. 

After having successful promotion activities for their first official album, “So Cool,” their new song, “Hot Place,” (produced by the Brave Brothers) is becoming a hot topic as well. 

This issue of “High Cut” was released on November 3 and you can find more unreleased photos at their website. 

Check out the photos below: