Wheesung Enlists in Korean Army

On November 7, Wheesung enlisted in Korean Army, starting his five week boot camp training before the 23 month mandatory military service. Wheesung was initially expected to get military exemption due to chronic dislocations of his shoulder, but he received special treatment lately and was judged healthy enough to enlist in regular army.

At the enlistment ceremony, more than 50 fans and fellow singers, Kim Tae Woo and Tae Jin Ah, came out to bid farewell to the R&B singer. He told local media, “I feel strangely calm and think it’s a great chance to begin the second act of my life. I’m not even an idol singer, and to get so much love from these fans, I feel blessed. Just wait two years for me and I’ll return with better music.”

Wheesung recently released a new mini album, “The Guys Are Coming,” and held a joint concert with Kim Tae Woo on November 5 and 6. Since his debut in 2002, Wheesung has released multiple hit tracks, including “Can’t I…?” “With Me,” “Incurable Disease,” and “Good-Bye Luv.”

Wish Wheesung best of luck and hope to see him back in two years!