D-2 Until Release of Se7en’s Japanese Digital Single "Angel"

Se7en will restart his Japanese activities. According to YG Entertainment Se7en will release his Japanese digital single “Angel” on November 9. On November 6, Se7en had already held a fan meeting that held nearly 3,000 fans. At the fan meeting, Se7en revealed the song “Angel” which was a thank you to Japanese fans that waited for him.

Se7en stated, “I think the last 4 years were long. I believe that it must have felt longer for you fans. I hope that I have more chances to meet with you. In January 2012, I am planning to release a mini-album. I will show you lots of different sides of me, there will be a lot of songs with different styles.”

Se7en will join on the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert,” that will be held both in Korea and Japan in December and January 2012.

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