T-ara Will Release "Black Eyes" on November 18

It has been reported that T-ara will be returning to Korea earlier than planned with their comeback stage set for November 18 on KBS Music Bank.

It has also been reported that the group’s upcoming album “Black Eyes” will be released on November 18 instead of November 25. T-ara was supposed to promote “Cry Cry” and “lovey-dovey” at the same time but changed plans at the last minute because the concept for the two songs are different from one another. Promotions for “lovey-dovey” will begin in December.

In preparation for the album, member Hyomin has gained the fans attention for her revealing her flawless abs in a concept photo for “Cry Cry.” It was mentioned that for this, Hyomin trained for 100 days.

T-ara’s 30 minute movie-like music video for “Cry Cry” and “lovey-dovey” will be released on November 9. The music video stars actors Cha Seung Won, Ji Chang Wook and Lee Jae Yong.