Superstar K3’s Two Months to Remain in Korea until Signing with an Agency

“Superstar K3’s” wildly popular duo, Two Months, has been eliminated from the show after climbing to the Top 3. Despite originally coming from New York, the two members of the group, Kim Ye Rim and Do Dae Yoon, have decided to stay in Korea for until they sign a contract with an agency. 

Sources of Mnet said on November 7, “Two Months has been eliminated but they will not be returning to the States. They will not have official activities before the season ends, either.” They continued to say, “For the members of Two Months, who don’t have homes in Seoul, we will provide housing. Until the group decides on an agency to sign with, they will continue to receive training.” Lastly, they said, “Matters of signing with an agency with any of the Top 11 artists will be directly consulted with representatives of ‘Superstar K3.'”

The Top 11 will be performing at the “Superstar K3 Top 11 Concert” that will be held on November 17 in Seoul, Busan, Suwon, Daegu and Incheon. According to sources, Two Months will not be returning to America at least until this concert is over. 

On the latest episode of “Superstar K3,” Two Months showed a great performance of Rumble Fish’s “A Feel Good Day,” but unfortunately was eliminated. The final winner of the show will be determined at this week’s show on Friday, between Busker Busker and Ulala Session.

Check out their performance below: