Han Hyo Joo’s Airport Fashion

Actress Han Hyo Joo was dubbed an “invisible bottom” (pants so short it is almost invisible) fashionista after her airport fashion.

The actress garnered attention recently when she appeared at Incheon Airport after the premier of “Only You.”

She followed the stylish trend by wearing a simple, yet sexy denim one piece, accessorized with an airport must-have item—black sunglasses—to show off her chic charms.

Her handbag displayed fun and humor with an illustration of a bag drawn on the bag itself. She not only portrayed a fun side of her, but an edginess as well.

Han Hyo Joo’s no makeup and natural hairstyle gave a feminine feel while the sunglasses added the “actress” image.

In other news, “Only You,” starring Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sub, is attracting audiences for its touching love story between a blind woman and an ex-boxer.