“Solbi Sex Tape” Is Fake, Video Uploaders Caught

The notorious “Solbi Sex Tape” was found to be somebody other than Solbi, according to an investigation of the Seoul Police. The Cyber investigation team found Kim (18) and four others responsible for uploading a clip with a girl who looked like Solbi and labeling it as “Solbi and Manager Sex Tape (HD).”

Kim and the other individuals were attaching that title to different clips and posting them on blogs or web hard drives. The ones who were caught doing this were high school students, university students, and even insurance salesmen. When asked why they knowingly engaged in this activity they simply replied, “We did it for fun” or “We were trying to make money.”

According to the investigation, these individuals received from $20~30 depending upon how many people downloaded the clip. The cyber investigation team had sent the pictures and clips with the title to the national science investigation facility (which is kind of like a CSI) that concluded that the women in the clips were not Solbi.

Although Solbi received psychological damage because of the clip spreading across the internet, she did not press any charges. Her mother recently found out about the clip and also the rumors, she wanted to find who was to blame, so they would be punished.

Solbi is a singer and actress who debuted as a member of mixed group Typhoon in 2006.