Different Airport Styles of Idol Stars

On November 8, twenty different idol groups left Korea. The reason was to proceed with performances in China and Japan. Local media Dispatch analyzed some of their fashion styles.

The appearances of the stars contrasted with each other- some had bad skin, while some put on so much makeup it looked bad. Fans were also very different, as some talked with celebrities while others just took pictures from faraway.

Some of the idols’ skins were horrible. One could tell that the idols were tired because of their skin. FT Island’s Lee Jaejin had extreme dark circles. Kara Nicole’s pimple on her chin was shown. MBLAQ’s Mir couldn’t hide the pimple underneath his chin. G.O’s pimple was revealed as well. It seemed that the celebrities didn’t have time to put on makeup because of the very early flights.

As mentioned above, some celebrities overdid the makeup. Perhaps it was because they focused on their face too much. The celebrities had very white faces but their necks were very dark. SNSD’s Jessica, Dal Shabet’s Viki, A Pink’s Oh Ha Young, ZE:A’s Kwanghee all showed nearly perfect facial skin. However, the color of their necks was too different from their faces, way too different.

Some fans decided to talk with the celebrities, because in the airport they can approach stars a lot easier. Some fans gave out letters and gifts while talking. MBLAQ’s Lee Jun had a lively conversation with a female fan. Mir also conversed with a fan who he received a gift from.

Shy fans just watched all the stars from far away. However, they were well prepared with cannon cameras and took pictures of fans that they loved. These fans have the nickname “Cannon Goddesses.” The fans have very serious expressions like professional photographers as they snap away.

Fans and idol stars were all different except for one commonality. All of the hallyu-dols put out the official “V” sign. The moment Kara’s Goo Hara and Nicole entered into the airport they put out the “V” sign like twins. Jaebum gave out a “V” while he went up the stairs. Lee Hong Ki also gave out a “V” that hid his face. T-ara’s Hyomin and Dal Shabet’s Viki gave out a “V” sign while giving the camera a cute expression.

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