Lee Ji Ah’s Stardom Has No Effect on "Me Too, Flower" Viewership?

Although MBC’s new drama “Me Too, Flower!” which stars Lee Ji Ah gained a lot of attention, because it hasn’t been long since her controversial divorce lawsuit with Seo Taiji, the drama does not seem to be doing too well.

According to AGB Nielson Research on November 10 (For the first episode that was broadcast on November 9), the first episode of “Me Too, Flower” only had a viewership rating of 6.8%. In comparison, the final episode of “Can’t Lose” (Also, the same time slot) had 7.8%. People believe that the reason is due to the popularity of “Deep-Rooted Tree” and “Glory Jane.”

It still might be too early to tell, Lee Ji Ah is really getting into her role and she is doing well with her cute and comical character. The first episode showed Cha Bong Sun (Lee Ji Ah) and the undercover boss Seo Jae Hee (Yoon Si Yoon) arguing and fighting.

Currently, SBS “Deep-Rooted Tree” received a 19.1% viewership rating while KBS “Glory Jane” received a 12.9% viewership rating.





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