Kim Rae Won Makes $50,000 per Episode of “1,000 Days Promise”

A representative of SBS Drama “1,000 Days Promise” stated that Kim Rae Won’s contract stipulates that he gets about $50,000 per episode. Because “1,000 Days Promise” will last for 20 episodes, it means he will be making $1 million for the complete drama.

For those of you that don’t’ know, “1,000 Days Promise” is about a girl Lee Seo Yeon (Soo Ae) that is slowly losing her memory because of Alzheimer’s disease and her lover Park Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won). Park Ji Hyung was already betrothed to his fiancé No Hyang Ki (Jung Yoo Mi).

The production team behind “1,000 Days Promise” wanted to find an actor that had both stardom and acting ability. Kim Rae Won wanted to be a part of a drama that was guaranteed to succeed and also provided him with good compensation. (Because this drama was his first since his return from mandatory military service.)

It is also being said that another actor that was also a candidate for Kim Rae Won’s role had asked for $80,000 per episode.

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