SNSD Taeyeon Corrects Radio Star MC’s, "That’s Not a Nice Word to Call Our Fans"

SNSD Taeyeon correcting the “Radio Star” MC’s on TV has become a hot topic. 

On November 9, MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” broadcasted a ‘Musical Star Special’, where musical actress Park Hae Mi, musical actor Im Tae Kyung and SNSD members Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany appeared as guests. 

During the show when they were talking about the kiss scene that was in Taeyeon’s musical, Kim Kuk Jin asked, “How did ‘So-Duks’ (bad way of expressing SNSD manias) react when they saw your kiss scene? Wouldn’t they have screamed and shouted?” When the MC’s saw that the girls looked unsure they repeated, “’So-Duk’. You call SNSD fans ‘So-Duks’ don’t you?”

When Taeyeon heard this, she replied, “That expression actually has a bad meaning”. Right after she said this, MC’s Kim Kuk Jin, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Gura immediately apologized, “We’re sorry. We’re the adults and seniors, yet we’re using bad words in front of our juniors. We promise to never use this expression again.” 

Netizens who saw Taeyeon’s response to the MC’s commented, “What Taeyeon said was right. Anyway, today’s episode was fun”, “Taeyeon is a great leader! I think the Radio Star MC’s got a hit from Taeyeon today”, “Taeyeon has a firm grip on how she feels and I think that’s good that she corrected the MC’s”, and “I was taken aback by Taeyeon’s voice today when she sang!” 

Meanwhile, on this Musical Star episode on Radio Star, each person sang their own personal favorite song from a musical, showing off their explosive singing talents. Im Tae Kyung sang “This is the Moment” from Zekyll ‘n’ Hyde, Taeyeon sang “All That Jazz” from Chicago and Park Hae Mi sang “Memory” from the musical Cats. (Although it was not aired on TV, Jessica sang “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid, and Tiffany sang “I’m Gonna Live Forever” from the musical Fame. These two songs can be viewed through MBC website.)