BoM’s MV Deemed Inappropriate for Broadcast Due to Explicit Scenes

Idol group BoM returned with a new mini-album with the title song, “My Feelings, My Heart.” However, their music video was called out for suggestive scenes, and therefore, was deemed not fit to air on TV. 

The music video for “My Feelings, My Heart” was planned to be released on November 11 on various music sites. The music video stars Hong Soo Ah and due to provacative exposure of skin as well as violent, bloody scenes, the music video was named inappropriate for broadcast. 

Therefore, the “My Feelings, My Heart” music video is not up on any online music sites at the moment. 

A representative from BoM’s agency, Y2Y Contents Company, spoke with My Daily and said, “We are currently editing the video to erase the bloody scenes. We will make sure our video will receive a satisfactory review so that it can air on television and be posted on the music sites.”

Here’s the teaser of the MV. We hope to see the edited and completed music video soon!