Lee Ji Ah to Fans: “Thank You for Waiting and Believing in Me”

Lee Ji Ah gave her feelings of coming back to her fans. On November 11, Lee Ji Ah wrote on her official homepage, “For those of you that believed in me and waited for me, I will thankfully accept your precious hearts. In order to express my thanks I am trying my best. I wish that every one of these days will be conveyed to you.”

It had been nearly 6 months since Lee Ji Ah wrote on her official homepage. The last time was in May when she had written about her feelings regarding the divorce lawsuit between her and Seo Taiji. That message above is her feelings of returning to TV via the drama, “Me Too, Flower!”

Lee Ji Ah also wrote, “Every day I am anxious, and also worried. I am filming in an atmosphere that is enjoyable. I believe that the positive energy will be conveyed through the drama, which is why I try hard. I hope that ‘Me Too, Flower!’ will be a heartwarming tale for both you and me.”

Finally Lee Ji Ah emphasized hope, “I am soon going to bed. I am going to fall asleep hoping that tomorrow will be a better day than today. Here’s hoping that I will be a better ‘Bong Sun’ (Her character on “Me Too, Flower!”) tomorrow than today.”


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