Seo In Young Releases "It’s Funny" from Her Mini Album

Seo In Young announced her comeback by releasing “It’s Funny” from her new mini-album “Brand New Elly.” It was released at 12:00 am on November 11th. It has been nearly five months since she released her last ballad song which was “Washing Face.”

“It’s Funny” is a song that shows off Seo In Young’s unique charms. She is basically giving a warning to Seo In Young. It was produced by Kim Do Hoon and Park Geun Tae, with the singer Yang Pa helping out with lyrics.

Seo In Young’s agency stated, “We will show you more of the album through jacket images and teaser clips. We will also release the title song later. A song other than ‘It’s Funny’ will probably be the title song of the mini-album.


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