‎[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" - Nov. 12 Episode

Jang Woo♡Eun Jung:  Operation: Become a daughter-in-law that is loved

Woo-Jung Couple made a surprise visit to her mother-in-law’s aerobic school and invited her over for a meal. The menu that the couple have decided upon is Sprout Bibimbap and Seaweed Soup but preparing the ingredients for the Bibimbap is harder then Eun Jung thought and she falls into a panic. Will Eun Jung be able to successfully serve lunch to her mother-in-law?

Her mother-in-law visits their house and the first thing she does is to inspect the fridge, Eun Jung has to quickly deal with the unexpected fridge inspection. How will Eung Jung deal with this and what will her mother-in-law’s response be once she tastes the lunch menu that the couple prepared together? Woo-Jung couple has to be constantly on their toes during their lunch with her mother-in-law. What will their lunch together be like?


Won Joon♡So Hyun:  So–Won Couple’s attempt to master exercises to make them look young

The couple have a healthy breakfast thanks to the meal that So Hyun prepared that will make them look younger. To perfectly maintain their youthfulness, they decided to go learn exercises that will make them look young but So-Won couple set out in elaborate tiger-printed clothing that catches the eye of the office workers in Yeoido.

So Hyun, who is known as one of the most youthful looking celebrities, recommends that they visit an Energy Exercise School and so they go and pay it a visit. So-Won couple transform into two cranes and will cause you to laugh out load. During their session So Won learns how to cope with an emergency situation and uses Won Joon as the molester for practice purposes. Also they create a new dance through the combination of Won Joon’s hit song and their youthfulness exercises. So-Won couple’s tearful attempt to maintain their youthfulness will be revealed soon.


Lee Teuk♡Sora: Don’t say goodbye ♪

After helping out Sora in her drama, Lee Teuk decides to see off Sora as she leaves to attend a movie festival. While they are travelling to Gimpo Airport together in the car, they decide to set a mission for them to do on the red carpet, what will Lee Teuk and Sora’s couple mission be and also what will their penalty be if they fail their mission?

Soon after they arrive at Gimpo Airport and enjoy a short 20min date inside the airport. Husband Teuk, who usually can’t drink Americanos, drinks it for Sora’s sake. During this short but sweet time, what is the incident that causes the couple to become awkward? It’s gradually coming to the point where Sora has to leave. The couple don’t want to split apart and they say farewell towards each till they can’t see each other.

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