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“Infinity Challenge” TV War Special

#”Infinity Challenge’s” first battle.

Seven solo-broadcasting studios have opened up at the same time, starting with Yoo Jae Suk TV to Haha TV. To survive till the very end, the seven men have declared war against each other. It is a battle of tooth and nail and a new type of pursuit game. “Infinity Challenge,” their first battle begins!

#It would be nice if I was the only one on Television♪

Together with their microphone, which has their names stuck on them, the members are given an amazing mission. Make a program that contains plenty of their own individuality. Today, the seven men will be partnered up with a cameraman and they will operate a TV station named after themselves. And they also have another important mission. Turn off the cameras of the member that is listed on their mission paper. The person that owns the channel that survives till the very end gets given the TV license fee and the chance to operate a monopoly channel.

It’s a war for survival, where you have to eradicate the competitors’ channels. The moment that they touch the power button of another member’s camera, that channel disappears and they will no longer be allowed to be on air. The broadcasting station consolidation battle now begins in earnest, who will become the final victor?

#Let’s have a fight here. It’s complete pandemonium. The battle of the boulevard.

I will protect my own camera, to protect the power button on their back, they hide, run away, lie down and roll around, by they we mean the camera man. They cannot let go of their guard for even a second. It’s an explosive situation and you do not know when your enemy will appear. During all of this they are gradually running out of time to record. Everyone is feeling resolutely determined and they all begin to gather in one place, the boulevard. Whether they get into a partnership or scheme a plan behind their back but one person is feeling very good today. Haha TV and Jun Ha TV enter into a joint operation, started under the leadership of Haha. Jun Ha has to catch Hong Chul and Hong Chul has to catch Haha.  While the three guys are in a tight battle, the army reporter, Reporter Jung (Hyung Don) reports from the front lines and gives a vivid description of the scene. As expected from the master of pursuit games, Hong Chul has figured everything out as he heads into the war zone. Jun Ha has always been disregarded and fooled by Hong Chul, will Jun Ha’s joint operation with Haha TV be successful and finally get the chance to get revenge for his years of persecution and embarrassment?  The breathtaking operation scene will be revealed.

# A feeling of war lingers in the media headquarters, they are declaring a ceasefire?

They begin to run out of time to record. To get more tapes, which are their lifeline, the members gather at the media headquarters. Another fierce battle begins to protect their camera. Someone who was an ally one minute ago is now your enemy. The people that are in agreement with each other begin to ally up and the war begins to take the form of a tight allied battle. The members finally figure out another hidden mission and the fierce battle of brains begins. Myung Soo falls into chaos because he doesn’t know the rules; he rushes out of the scene as fast as he can. Who will be the first to see through this situation and become the winner of the war? There has never been a more desperate and interesting pursuit game like this!

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