Sung Yuri Becomes a Professional Fashion Editor

The beautiful actress Sung Yuri has transformed herself into a professional fashion editor for her own cable program “Sung Yuri’s Launch My Life”. The behind-the-scenes pictorials were released on November 12.

The theme of the fashion shoot is centered around the infamous artist Frida Kahlo. The actress participated in all kinds of editorial activities, ranging from the realization of the shoot’s concept to selecting the model’s outfits to even picking out the models.

She also visited a bookstore in order to monitor the reactions of the buyers of the magazine and the first lucky buyer of the magazine got her autograph and the chance to take a picture with her.

The behind-the-scenes pictorials show the various activities Sung Yuri participated in, including her visits to a coffee house and bookstore, as well as her holding a picture of the fashion shoot proudly.

Netizens complimented her hard work by commenting, “It is so good to see her wonderful personality” “Congratulations on your transformation into a fashion editor” and “This actress can do everything and gives us positive energy.”

Make sure you tune in on her program, Saturdays 11PM (KST) on cable channel OnStyle.