[Recap] Kollaboration 2011 in Los Angeles!

It This was an event to not miss. From Ensemble Memo’s opening act to G.NAs final stage, Kollaboration LA 2011 was absolutely amazing.

Since the event was held at the famous Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, it was easy to find.

Before the event began, there was a red carpet picture-taking opportunity for the press. Many celebrities were passing through, and it was definitely awesome.

After going through the red carpet entrance, there was free Shin Ramen Black being handed out, along with Kimchi-flavored Cup Noodles, and free T-shirts and bags from Nielson. There were also Skunk Juice headphones being merchandised, which were very cool (the earphones are magnetically connected together so up to 5 people can listen from the same iPod source at the same time). After taking pictures of the celebrities, I moved on and got my ramen, and went into the theater to sit down and enjoy the show.

Moving on – the guest judges were Jin Akanishi, Ashley Choi, David Choi (I wanted to get a picture with him but he was surrounded by friends.. Sadface), Ryan Higa, and Kelly Hu. I expected to see more of the judges, but they were not really “on the screen” after the red carpet event and their entrance. There were many, and I repeat, many fan girls for Jin Akanishi. It was so crowded that even people without press passes crossed the line and started pushing everybody yelling, “Kakkuiii~! Sugoi~~” (Means: So cool~! So great~!). Maybe better press security would have been nice (-victim of being squished by fan girls-).

The competitors were Afterschoolspecial, Andrew Figueroa Chiang & the Blazing Rays of the Sun, Dawen, Emanon Dance Crew, Inch Chua, Lions Ambition, Monsters Calling Home, and Noel Kunz.

The winner of the night was Noel Kunz, and he got to take home $2000 and a big smile! Also, the winner of the Verizon Wireless sponsored voting was the Emanon Dance Crew, with $1000 as its prize.

The notable guest performers were of course, G.NA, Clara Chung, and Ensemble Memo, who began the show. G.NA’s performance was sponsored by the Korea Foundation. Not only was she extremely amazing live, but also she had a vibrant aura about her, which set the whole stadium smiling. She performed her debut song “I’ll back off so you can live better” in English for the first time. We were truly lucky! She also performed “Black and White,”Top Girl,” and her own cover version of The Pussycat Dolls’Stickwithu(Stick With You).”

More pictures from the event!

G.NA – K-Pop singer

Clara Chung – Singer; http://www.youtube.com/user/ClaraCMusic

Ryan Higa – Youtube comedian; http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga


David Choi – singer; http://www.youtube.com/user/davidchoimusic


Chester See – singer; http://www.youtube.com/user/chestersee

Just kidding films – Comedians; http://www.youtube.com/user/justkiddingfilms

David So – Comedian; http://www.youtube.com/user/davidsocomedy

Comedian PK, original founder of Kollaboration, was also there and cracked some of the most hilarious jokes to ever be heard. Although, it was a tad bit awkward because he was cracking some “R-rated” jokes and there were 8 year olds sitting behind our row. Anyways, it was so funny that my friend, who attended with me, watched YouTube videos of him for hours and hours and couldn’t stop laughing! He was really great.

 A comprehensive list of the honorable guest mentions (Korean Entertainment people in bold):

  • Abraham McDonald – Oprah Karaoke Challenge winner; Def Jam Music Group
  • Allen Evangelista – Actor, The Secret Life of American Teenager and Firewire, Zoey 101
  • Amy Anderson – Comedian
  • Amy Hill – Actress
  • Amy Rider – Actress; The secret life of American Teenager
  • Andrew Garcia – Season 9 American Idol contestant Top 9
  • Aubrey Andreson – 4-year-old actres s, Modern Family; She almost won the free-style dance competition! She was super adorable.
  • Bai Ling – Actress
  • Brian Tee – Actor
  • Brook Lee – Miss Universe 1997
  • Cathy Nguyen – YouTube Singer
  • Chloe Flower – Pianist
  • Chris Dinh – Actor
  • Danny Jung Saxophonist
  • David So – YouTube Comedian (I got to take a picture with him! He was SUPER tall in real life)
  • DJ Shy – Kiis FM
  • Elessa(Pursebuzz) – YouTube Makeup Guru
  • Eric Kim – VP, CBS
  • Ester KangTop finalist Cook “Master Chef
  • Gerald KoSinger/songwriter, YouTube artist “Singingdork888
  • Gerry Bednob – Comedian; “40 year old virgin”
  • Gina Hiraizumi – Actress; City Guys
  • IAMMEDIC – Glitch/Electro/Pop band
  • Jack YangActor
  • James Kyson LeeActor
  • James RyuPublisher, KoreaAm Journal
  • Jane Lui – Singer/songwriter
  • Jennifer ChungSinger/Songwriter, Debut album
  • Jennifer Sanderson – CAPE executive director
  • Jieho LeeDirector
  • Jimmy Wong – Singer/Songwriter
  • Joseph Vincent – YouTube singer
  • Joy Osmanski – Actress
  • JR Aquino – Singer/Songwriter
  • Julia Ling – Actress
  • Just Kidding FilmsYouTube Comedians; Joe and Bart (Uncle Sam!)
  • Keiko Agena – Actress; Lane Kim on “Gilmore Girls”
  • KT Tatara – Comedian/actor;
  • Lela Lee – Author
  • Lisa Ling – Journalist; Oprah
  • Michael Paul Chan – Actor
  • Michelle Krusiec – Actress
  • Min KimKorean Actress
  • Mike Isberto – Singer/Songwriter
  • New Heights – Rock/Pop band
  • Nikki Soohoo – Actress
  • Nita Song President and COO of IW Group Inc
  • Paddy Lee – Actress
  • Parry Shen – Actor
  • Patty YoonCEO of Garco Enterprises
  • Paul Dateh – Violinist
  • Phil YuAngry Asian Man
  • Roscoe Umali – Rapper
  • Roy ChoiKogi Truck Founder
  • Seriously – Band
  • Shinae YoonExecutive director of visual communications
  • Teddy Zee – Producer
  • Theresa Kang – Agent
  • Timothy Delaghetto – Youtube entertainer
  • Toestah – Artist, songwriter, producer, Engineer
  • Tranley – Singer/songwriter
  • Woody Pak – Composer

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I definitely encourage people to attend upcoming Kollaboration events, which take place all across the U.S. It’s full of talented people and has a great atmosphere! I really liked how the sound wasn’t too loud, and the lighting was amazing – definitely a good event for couples or friends to attend together.

I would like to thank Kollaboration for the amazing opportunity to attend such an event. 

Find out more about Kollaboration at their official website: www.kollaboration.org.

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