Wonder Girls Released from the "No Dating Rule"

The members of the Wonder Girls revealed that they have been released from the “no dating rule.”

On November 12, the “Guerilla Date” with the Wonder Girls in “Entertainment Relay” was aired. In the episode, the Wonder Girls rode a bus, specially prepared by the staff, and went to the streets of Hongdae. During the ride, the reporter asked a surprising question. 

The reporter asked the girls if they had any complaints against the “no dating rule” that was mandated onto them by their management. Then, as if they planned it, all five members of the Wonder Girls put their hands into an “x.” 

When the unexpected answer came out, the reporter asked, “Is it because you can secretly date although you are forbidden to date?” However, there was another reason that the Wonder Girls answered no: the “no dating rule” has been lifted!

Ye Eun revealed that the rule has been lifted along with their comeback and then cheered with joy along with the other members. At that, the reporter said, “Men, hurry and give the Wonder Girls a call,” which erupted much laughter. 

The Wonder Girls gave their comeback performance on KBS “Music Bank” with their title song, “Be My Baby,” and officially started their promotion activities.