New Albums and Singles Preview - 2011 November Week 2

T-Ara mini-album Vol. 4 – Black Eye (Nov. 17)

01 Cry Cry
02 Goodbye, Ok
03 O My God
04 I’m So Bad
05 Cry Cry (Ballad Version)

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T-ara has returned this month with their fourth mini-album titled, “Black Eye”. There are five tracks of various genres composed by hit composers Jo Young Su, Kim Tae Hyun, Choi Gyu Sung, An Young Min, and Lee Yu Jin. The title track is “Cry Cry”, a Jo Young Su and Kim Tae Hyun production. The strong beats and guitar sounds give a Spanish feel to this song. It expresses the sad heart for one’s ex-lover. Also included in the album is dynamic song, “Goodbye, Ok”, co-composed by An Young Min and Lee Yu Jin.


Seo In Young – Brand New Elly (Nov. 16)


01 Magical Radio (Elly Mhz.) feat Nassun of Yeizon
02 Funny
03 Oh My Gosh
04 Girl feat. Baby-J of Jewelry
05 So Sweet

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The always changing icon of Korea, Seo In Young has returned with a new mini-album, “Brand New ELLY”. The singer has already pre-released “Funny”, a refreshing number composed by hit maker Kim Do Hun and singer, Yangpa. The singer’s charms and confidence can be heard through the song’s strong addictive melodies. The song is about reconciling with a lover who has cheated.


Son Ho Young – U-Turn (Nov. 15)


01 Hey Fool (feat. Chiyu)
02 Lovely and Hateful (feat. Bizzy)
03 Because My Head Hurt
04 Look At Me
05 Lovely and Hateful INST

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So Ho Young returns more mature than ever after three years with a mini-album, “U-Turn”. There are a total of four new tracks with the title track being “Lovely and Hateful”.  The singer strays away from his soft image with a more mature image as shown through this song. Skillful rapper, Bizzy also features in this song, bringing out the strong and intense feel of this song.


Tim mini-album – …A Day is Long (Nov. 17)


01 A Day is Long
02 Just Don’t Tell Me That
03 Will You Do This For Me?
04 Heart Live
05 Even If I Erase…You
06 A Day is Long (INST)

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One of Korea’s top vocalists, Tim finally returns with a new mini-album, “A Day is Long”. The title track is of the same title and has beautiful piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment. It holds sad lyrics about being unable to forget one’s ex-lover. Tim’s emotional vocals make this song a masterpiece. The song is expected to echo in one’s ears even after it comes to an end. This album will excite all of Tim’s fans and those who love his music.


Huh Gak (single) – Only Say That I Want to Die (released)


01 Elegiaco
02 Only Say That I Want to Die
03 Only Say That I Want to Die (Drama Version) (Narr. Kang Sora)

Heo Gak releases a new single this month with holds two new songs as well as the drama version of the title track, “Only Say That I Want to Die”. The title track was composed by rookie composer Bumi and Nangi. This song is different from the usual style Heo Gak has showed fans. The drama version of the song holds Kang Sora’s narration, bringing out a dramatic feel to the song. The guitar and the sound of rain is further incorporated in the song to perfect this mood.


Click B (single) – Empty Space (released)


01 Empty Space
02 Empty Space INST

Click-B returns with its second digital single, “Empty Space” after returning as a group earlier this year. Like their past single, “To be Continued” their latest title track was composed by the members themselves, showcasing their talents as musical artists. This ballad track incorporates a fourteen member string orchestra along with guitar, piano and bass instruments, further bringing out the emotional feelings of the song.


Woman Power (single) – Hate You Hate You (released)


01 Hate You Hate You
02 Hate You Hate You INST

Super Star K2’s Kim Greem and Lee Boram, along with Sukhi have come together as a project group, Wonder Power this month. Composer Jo Young Su is responsible for naming this group who plans to show a different and more powerful side of themselves. Their first single is “Hate You Hate You”, a dynamic number that switches from ballad to dance throughout the song.

Other Releases:
Led Apple – Coda (Nov. 14)
Kim Hyun Joong – Lucky (Limited Edition) (Nov. 15)
Astro Bits – Bits of Universe (Nov. 15)
Kim Dong Ryul – Kimdongryule (Nov. 17)
Kim Jung Mi – Now (Nov. 18)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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