Lee Byung Hun to Make Korean Comeback Next Year

One of Korea’s most popular actors Lee Byung Hun is set to make his Korean comeback next year with a role in the historical movie,“I Am the King of Chosun.” Rumors have been surfacing about his role in this movie, and this has now been officially confirmed. The movie’s first producer was Kang Woo Suk, however, he has been replaced by producer Chu Chang Min (“I Love You”, 2010). The production companies CJ E&M and Realize Pictures will be responsible for the project’s production.

The movie is based on the movie “The Prince and the Pauper” and tells the story of the 15th king of Chosun, Kwang Hae Goon, and his peasant doppelganger.

The actor is currently in Hollywood, busy with the shooting of his current project “G.I.Joe 2.” Producer Chu Chang Min went to America in the beginning of November to discuss his upcoming project with Lee Byung Hun. From the moment that the actor received the offer for the role of “I Am the King of Chosun,” he was struggling whether to take it or not. The reason for his struggle was because he had gotten another offer for another Hollywood production.

Eventually, he decided to take the role and he is set to fly back to Korea in January 2012. Not only is this historical movie his first historical project since his debut, but he has two main roles to fulfill, the role of the king and his doppelganger.

The roles of the other character have not yet been confirmed. However, there is a big chance that actress Shim Eun Kyung (little Hwang Jin Yi), who is currently in America for her studies, will take the role of one of the palace maids.