Wonder Girls Discuss Their Ideal Types and SNSD

On November 13, Wonder Girls took the time out of their busy schedule to make an appearance on the 600th anniversary special of “Section TV Entertainment.” Section TV Entertainment revealed that the five year dating ban put on the members had recently expired. With that the interviewer proceeded to ask each of the ladies about their ideal types.

First the interview suggested the members of 2PM as boyfriends. Vocalist Yeeun responded, “We’ve shown them too much about us,” as she shook her head and smiled. Sohee replied, with a shy smile, “I really like Park Hae Il.” Everyone was taken aback by the fact that actor Park Hae Il was her answer, to which she responded with confidence.

Next the interviewer posed the question, what did the members feel they were better at than their friendly rivals, SNSD? Leader Sunye answered with, “When people listen to our songs, I hope that they will think of and remember our dances.” Rapper Yoobin followed up by complimenting SNSD, “The members of SNSD are really pretty. I truly admire them.”

Lately the Wonder Girls have been busy with their Korean comeback. Their latest single, “Be My Baby,” has been instant hits and have dominated online music charts.