Two Months’ Do Dae Yoon Shows Off Fluent English Skills

Although “Superstar K3” finalist Two Months were knocked off in the semi-finals, their popularity seems to continue to grow. Of particular interest is guitarist and vocalist Do Dae Yoon, whose fluency in English has added to their popularity.

On last week’s episode of Mnet’s “Superstar K3,” Do Dae Yoon was seen saying his last words to fellow contestants with a sad expression on his face. While talking to Busker Busker’s drummer Bradley, Dae Yoon talked in English, which surprised many viewers for his proficiency. Saying good-bye one last time, Dae Yoon told Bradley, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share music with you and it was fun while it lasted.” Bradley replied “I enjoyed it greatly as well and I wish you luck in the future and your continued success.”

Currently attending high school in the States, it is no surprise that Dae Yoon has a natural and fluent English accent. He’s lived in the U.S. for over ten years and attended the same school as his partner of Two Months, Kim Yae Rim. Furthermore, what interests viewers, aside from his superior grasp of the English language, is his honest personality and shyness. Having the characteristics of a naïve child, Do Dae Yoon has charmed more than enough female hearts. Because of his pure personality, smooth voice, admirable music skills, and perfect English accent, Do Dae Yoon is now being acknowledged by netizens as “well-rounded” and a “man of many talents.”

Meanwhile, the two-man group Two Months is currently receiving training with a debut soon to be expected. A spokesperson for “Superstar K3” announced that “While Two Months’ agency gets chosen, the group will reside in Korea for their training.” 

It won’t be long until both Do Dae Yoon and Kim Yae Rim showcase their superior musical talents and equally refined personalities to audiences everywhere. 


For those of you who missed out, here’s one of the best performances by Two Months!