[Exclusive] Wonder Girls’ "Be My Baby" Concept Contest (With Shout-Out!)

Hey Soompiers! Let’s celebrate the Wonder Girls’ epic return to the Korean music scene with their second full-length album, “Wonder World” — with a “wonderful” exclusive opportunity to win an autographed CD and poster! JYPE and Soompi have teamed up to bring you the “Be My Baby” contest, and the Wonder Girls want you to enter! Check out the lovely ladies’ exclusive shout-out to Soompi members!

UPDATE: We are modifying the rules to make it easier for you to enter. Those of you who have already entered using the old rules, don’t worry — we have your entries here! But we will be moving the photo upload process to Facebook to eliminate confusion. We will also be allowing editing of an existing photo (of the Wonder Girls).

  1. Watch the Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” music video.
  2. Create any original photo, or edit an existing photo, which you think accurately captures the essence of the song or video.
  3. Join Soompi’s Facebook page.
  4. Upload the photo on our Facebook wall.
  5. Caption the photo with “Soompi, please give me the Wonder Girls’ autographed Wonder World CD and poster! http://bit.ly/tzi8bk” (or something along those lines).

That’s it! The contest ends on Thursday, November 24, at 11:59 PM KST. JYPE and Soompi will pick five photos to win an autographed CD and an autographed poster. The winners will be announced sometime during the following week through the Wonder Girls’ official Facebook as well as Soompi.

If you have any questions, ask away! Good luck! Here’s the music video!

Update: We apologize for the delay! We chose five winners awhile ago, but our article disappeared and we failed to follow up with the public after that. We are very sorry. The winners are:

Christy Ha

External from soompi image

Love Mymai

External from soompi image

Onc Ki Ki

External from soompi image

Angela Peden

External from soompi image

Natalie Vang

External from soompi image

Again, we apologize for the delay and thank everyone who submitted such thoughtful entries!