Female Stars' "Alphabet Letter" Poses

Press conferences, movie premieres, photo walls, and the red carpet! As strange as it may sound, we can see alphabet letters in many of our stars’ poses at these types of events. Based on preference and personality, some stars are more inclined towards one pose than another. Local media Dispatch took a look at four of the most common poses, ranging from the letter D to the letter X.

The V Line: The V pose is the most basic. Typically, female stars use this pose because it brings out a very feminine side of them. Younger stars usually lean towards this pose because it has a cute charm.

This pose is Seo Woo‘s go-to pose for any event. When she gathers her hands in front of her, she looks very feminine. Paired with a short black tube dress and a short bob cut to match, she looks cute, and maybe even a little shy.

Choi Jung Won uses the V pose to look very lady-like. The black one piece dress outlines her shoulders, making them appear very straight and set back. With her posture straight and her fingers interlaced, she looks sophisticated and elegant.

Son Ye Jin joins her hands together with a bright smile to give off a radiant, youthful image. Combined with her youthful face and the V pose, the mini chiffon dress makes her look bubbly.

The I Line: Some stars like to say hello to their audience. With a slight wave and a smile, they captivate cameras, reporters, and fans.

SNSD‘s Seo Hyun uses this pose quite often. On the red carpet, she raised a hand up to shoulder level and smiled softly. She can’t go wrong with this one.

Go So Young, Jang Dong Gun‘s wife, slants her body slightly to bring out her S line while using the I Line to wave hello. With a handbag in one hand, So Lee Hyun uses the I pose in a chic manner.

The D Line: You see this pose all the time. You may even use it yourself!

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha rests one hand on her waist to accentuate her glamorous curves. The halter neck dress she wore here brings out her arms. Jo Yeo Jung and Cha Ye Ryun show off their tight arms with the D pose with shoulder bearing dresses.

Finally, the X Line: This pose accentuates long, lean legs. Whether it’s a mid-skirt or a pair of shorts, the X pose outlines the lower portion of the body.

G.NA, who has been attracting attention for her glamorous body for quite some time, uses this pose to flaunt her flawless legs. Kim Hye Soo crosses her legs in an X pattern to show off her womanly charisma, and Shin Se Kyung timidly puts one leg over the other to bring out her hips. 

Which one of these poses is your favorite? Which ones would you use?

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